11 Ways of Making Road Bucks (to keep you goin)

  1. Prep before Splitting from Motherland to Mother Earth
  2. Packing for your Worldly Excursion
  3. Bang for your Bucks
  4. 11 Ways of Making Road Bucks

1. Get your manipulative side strong  Because you gotta convince, time and again, people that you are the baddest, raddest, fittest, and fastes1917388_174220342061_4339609_nt for the job. No matter what it is you gotta first, try to avoid the fact you are a traveler (and therefore unreliable) and secondly, prove that you are more worthy.

2. Be open to new opportunities. Not everything is a good idea, but sometimes a great one will slide into your world and don’t close that door too soon. The more you travel, the more doors will open I can promise you that.

3. GET A TRADE. Seriously, this is probably the most important and the one you can count on down the road. I cooked for 8 years solid learning a great deal about the Chef-ing world. Uninterested in working 60-70 hours a week for my life, and neither interested in imitating Anthony Bourdain, I’ve kinda split ways, but I can still go back to it!10398914_21704580564_3984_n

Carpenter, electrician, mechanic, even a fucking seamstress.

You gotta have something going for you. The best is probably web development; freelance programming or design.  This is going to be the Golden Egg, feeding your wallet through the hard, long winters.
No one gives a fuck about novels anymore, so instead, I try to break into the travel writing world -well that’s not exactly makin Eric or Parrish dollahs.

4. Learn how to p57982_1137019987906_1211584_nlay an instrument. Seriously, this is pretty key as well. You can gig for money on the street anywhere; it might not get you a hotel suite, or a huge night on the piss but you’ll eat.
Learn how to handy-craft. You can sell handy-crafts on the street, juggle or play an instrument, unfortunately no one is running after you to track down your little poetry book, because again, no one gives a shit about Ezra Pound.

5. Teach something.  Well, there are plenty of us taking advantage of the English language, teaching on every continent -probably even on Antarctica someone is doin private lessons.
There are those that get nasty with us, sayin ‘oh you are so1910528_10408150523_173_nooo lucky!’ Well, yea, I’m pretty lucky I guess, but man you don’t have to teach English to make money.

You could learn to dive -sky or scuba- and then teach the shit in Koh Tao. You could learn how to do yoga, then teach the shit in Bali or wherever the fuck.
You could learn how to surf and then hit anywhere up that has swell and start handing out private lessons. Rock climbing, snowboarding; it doesn’t have to be English.


6. Seasonal work. ThisDSCF7173 could include cooking or bartending as well as anything in service to bell-hops and receptionists. This is also including Fruit Pickers! Depending on where you are you can earn a decent buck to keep going, picking some fruit.
I’ve picked grapes and apples and would pick just about anything if it came to me and I needed some money. The work is short. It can be very tough when the mango juice is running down your arm, forcing you to scratch, but it will be over, eventually.1930951_81683450642_8648_n

7. Festivals.  Though I’ve never done it myself, I heard there is a bit of cash in the festival world. If you get to the U.K for example, they run a shit-load of festivals throughout the summer, and from what I hear you can jump on the wagon and ride it around the sub-continent with the right contact, have a blast, and make a few duckets.


8. Tour GIMG_4721uide.  Self-motivation, and the ability to do research. If you can put together a decent speech about Barcelona, Rome or Napoli and sell it to a few tourists you can make a few bucks for sure. You wouldn’t be the first, the second or even the third.  And if your an experienced hiker, there is no reason you can’t get into guiding.  Plenty of forums for guiding work.  Right down to a pub crawlin guide.


9. Stripper. Well, I’ve met a few backpackers that made cash off the ass, strippin and I’d say, fuck yea! Well played. Depending on the establishment, your boss, and the country you are working in, the conditions could be hella good for ya, and you’ll make a wheel-barrel of money. Sounds pretty ideal to me. I mean, ok, you respect your body. But it doesn’t mean anyone has to grope it. Its simply modelling. In the nude

10. Boats. Cruise-ships are the first, like cooking, you’ll end up working your ass off for that cash. Sure, afterwards you’ll be throwing it around like an oil tycoon with ease, but I don’t want to work! I want to work for a few months (6 tops!) then move around for six. P1060124
Sure the boat will take you about the world, but those 2-day layovers aren’t exactly travelling.
Now, sailing is a different story. If you could get a job with a skipper and crew a boat travelling the Caribbean or whatnot, then this would be a fucking ideal job. I met a few of them. Working crew in the Whitsundays. Time it right, and show up early, you could be making decent cash and wandering the Whitsundays harmoniously (and free).

11. Au Pere  Depending on the country you are in this is a sure fire way to make cash as a woman.  I met a young lady that traveled the world in a sail boat, with a family, teaching and taking care of the couple’s kids!  Hell ya!

12. Blogger. NO! Seriously? This is a joke. Fuck that. If this makes me dollar one, I’ll be well surprised. But it’s fun, and I can shareIMG_1595 some info, help a few keen nomadic spirits out, and have a laugh so sure fuck it! But honestly, the competition is hella fierce and there is a lot of work in it for nothing. So. I mean go for it, you might actually catch on. And I hope so -but I’ll certainly be jealous.

There is a quote I just remembered from ‘Midnight in Paris’, it’s Hemingway talking to Pender, something like this:

‘You don’t want me criticising your work, because I won’t like it no matter what; either because it has no literary merit or because I’ll be jealous, either way you don’t want another writer criticising your work.’

Well said Woody Allen.

Savvy Out!


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