10 Common Hitch-Hiking Follies

Going cross-country? Maybe trans-continental? Here’s a list of common occurances that WILL challenge your patience, temper and tolerance while hitching lifts.  Every one of these things I’ve experience more than once, and anyone else that’s put their thumb out to make ground either for fun or to save bucks, a couple dozen times, has likely gone through most of them as well.

I left out the sexual advances.  Though I’m a guy, I’ve had a few of those as well.  And knock on wood, in my fifteen years of hitching around the globe have not had a lift that was anything worse than annoying.



10.  They ask you for an exploitive amount of money at the end of the ride. Is he for Real?

9. You’ve gotta reach the outskirts of a city of 2, 3, 5 or 10 million people.IMG_0544




  8.  After a really bad joke, or some gumption of his political stance, the driver is clearly racist or a gay basher, basically some kind of fascist.

IMG_6676   7.  You drank the last of your water, and there is not a tree or river within seeing distance.

   6.  You’re driving 200 km and just realized you have to take a piss.  Nooooo!


5.  Long, stretching awkward silence.  All you hear is breathin.  Radio’s even broken.  Every now and then you get the sound of your car’s tires hitting a lump in the road.  Nutin but breathin.  Get me out!!


    4.  He’s left you at a petrol station, pointed completely in the wrong direction.  And now you gotta walk yo ass an hour to fix it.  Boom!




3.  Three hours have passed by, and the cars just keep waving, nodding and shrugging their shoulders with big, smiling faces.


  2.  After climbing in, you realize he’s a cahin smoker and doesn’t want the window opened.  WHY! WHY! Why!




1.  The couple’s bumpin Rihanna when you get in!  And singing along.


‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond.  Shine Bright Like a Diamond!’

Snap! Bam!

Here’s a life saver when hitch-hiking, especially around Europe : HitchWiki

Buen Camino

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