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Gluttonous Eyes

Weather or not you love me,
Still or ever did;
Moving or dead,
Loving or disgruntled-
Allowing you to strip me of my love;
A bigger mistake than giving you trust.

Flashcards cannot teach these simplicities;
The farrowing of ego,
The marching foot of uncertainty or
Ground water expectations-
It is a brutal wick burning at both ends;
An Inevitable disaster as the process unearths.

Immoral run of the ivory hunt
Killing for cash;
Exterminating each other
For self-elevation;
Left to lay in rubble and ash
Something that was once so sweet.

A call from the wild;
Ill-equipped escapades
Stepping slow across glacial snows-
A danger ensues
This disembodying love;
The struggle for space to speak.

What is left to riddle-
Caked up doubt
Dipped in codeine,
Dilaudid streams in hope for a cure,
Tales that were told in dreams and
We’ve forsaken as truths;

And have torn ourselves to tears.