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And it's Like That, Ain't It?

I am asleep,
Deep into a realm of fantasy,
You have a spare key,
You wanted to see me,
Lifting the blanket,
That body heats so quickly
As you climb into my cocoon.
Impulse wants to wreak havoc,
Instead it is a kiss,
A kiss directly in the middle of my chest,
Lips open and wet,
A little suck,
Then a breath of warm air,
Centering my rib cage.

Instead of pulling my arm,
Or waking me through sexual intention,
You stare,
You watch,
Like birding in the room,
White walls chipping away,
Mattress on the floor,
My salted sweat dried to your lips.

There is this deep cognitive attachment,
The smell eradicates your heart,
A smell of its own
Never to be replaced.
My body lay like calm water,
You idolize this peace,
Worshipping the lucid dream,
But more,
There is this love,
So strong and occidental,
Traits that boil your blood,
Others that amaze your present,
You fantasize admitting it all,
Complete truth.

Not a word is spoken,
I awake,
And you are gone,
I think,
‘Why is the bed so cold?’
Shame replaced worship.