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Generating a Present with Presence

With a surface
Blotches can be cleaned-
Atmosphere means something different;
Enemy of the self,
He cleanse to continue dreaming.
Two dimensions;
A hang-up's thought
Breathe through the hormone
What is meant mediates,
Alles Klar!

Tone deaf
Every few steps missing a beat,
Impressions; a finger's dig
Into cavernous wounds
Of skin's soft touch.
Mind into the concept of further,
Feet which have ridden fear,
Empathy that has adopted it;
Further along
These tales fade and become songs.

Spherical form rings
Perfection is a principle lost in the dark;
Mucus lining; realities truth,
A fever sickness,
From a congested throat.
Hoarse vocals out of a million cigarettes-
Coffee stained enamel,
A heart on itís last of palpitations-
Ivory turned ghost
As neons pound against color
And institution steps in on rank.

Beaten to metal fibers-
Ribboned undone trees
Left to tissue paper,
Categorized to cabinets
We craft our own ranks.
Hosting the deliberation
Shedding way for possibility,
Uncovered love,
Amour for more than flesh
Now is not then.