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Fighting Upstream on a Wild Horse

Pink tube socks bathroom floor
Water trickle porcelain against her spine,
Checkered ceiling tiles,
Skin against the salt
Memories juggling through sin.
Fabric of the earth,
So many moons ago
The stars held all value
Looking back makes ass cheeks shake and
Her trembling insomnia radical.
Scratch marks break flesh
While fragrance reminds
Turpentine drinks
And a porcupine beard
Fly away from this bathroom sink.

Infusing the targets to filth,
Embryo bailed from balance
This kitten purrs no longer,
Cries long buried
Where hope no longer floats.
The vein hardens to bulge
Leg on the can
Toes turn tight to the floor,
Rubber loosens
With an artillery of demons.
Uncover the news
As the print is patterned
Red polka dot
Her loverís neglect
Boil for another thread.

Fingers all out
Like streams across skin
Searching for life
Eyes roll in and back
A portrait of fairytale justice.
Hair grease mop the floor
Anotherís breath attack
Wind within the door
Eradicating a cripple
To marble the arch.
As her evolution dissolves
Body entitles a goddess
Skin excrement last life for
Jungle manner her wild throws
Of blood, semen and good intention.