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A Time for Individuality

Through depth has
Evolved unnameable awarenesses;
Your heart,
And agility.
As you challenge,
And Prod, and
Poke, I mirage.
Hiding from my
Or afraid of

A sculptist
Designing atmosphere
Attempting to…
Irradicate fear,
Your challenges
I see as tests
Which I fail on the regular.
But truth is…
What’s left is;
A companion,
A friend for the long nights,
Not afraid to
Unafraid of me.

Begging for worship,
Dying to be held;
Though your curves
Are few
Along that body line,
It bends hard
Within your character;
Unique is your kind.
Raised up to be
Whole hearted
And from the bottom up
An exquisite
You break ground
For truth and consequence.

From the cock
To inside you,
Heat becomes undeniable;
As I long for,
And struggle,
My lips tremble
Remembering passion;
From your strength
Of a keen stance,
And posture immeasurable,
To the beauty in
Your teal, pearly
And a throat untimely.

Distant memories
Resembling so many stakes
Dug into earth,
The caress of your cheek line,
It also begins to fade.
Our time,
The paid dues,
Evolve and change;
Whether you remind
A time passed by
Or it’s love in effect.
The hour glass
I stroke within
Hiding in my quiet space,
Still, I dream
Your centrifugal tastes,
Though desperation
Has replaced grace.