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Together for a Light Shower

But steaming hot memories
Are left to drizzle down the mirror
As we crane to invigorate and revive;
The vibrating silks around the leg lines
Remind me of our prime.
As life has its way
Eating through your compulsions,
Believing you are the punished-
Believe you may,
But to bleed passion dry
In fear, in penance or otherwise
Is to drain your life blood
And create, yet another crux.

Mistakes are the journey we live by
And death comes as no sheer mystery;
I held a woman of momentum once,
Of desire and fire, devouring life
And re-animating twilight-
A taste that would drop the jaw
Of Virgin Mary once upon a time.

Beauty of your weightlessness
Overshadowed by cold within your bones-
It sticks to your skin
Jaded by hard truth and lost love.

That very slim build
Wrapped inside my hands
Tempers a beast,
While arousing the night
Under your lamp shades illumination-
Show me the depths of irrational
As I am drawn to your long neck line
You hide like an arctic owl;
Pressed out from your little waist,
Ribs as sensitive as the child inside,
Dance like daylight
While we float as paper aeroplanes.

It was once lust in a radical way
You hid your raw thoughts of humanity;
Your distaste for many things-
Silent and pretty no longer.
Who once raged in the after dark
And whistled in the light,
Now seemed to rage in the day
With definition and solid ground
While letting that tribal chant
Of naked dance become nearly dormant.

Begging once
To hold those long, thin
Soft and brown strands again;
Pleading our ferocious eyes to live
Looking into each other,
Bodies as birth
Splashing as ocean coast once again.

Lovers are perhaps
A short lived melody,
And charm is but one oar in a long boat,
And it is time now, perhaps
For you to sink into the labors of everyday
While I continue to pillage roadways
And train lines
And live to extend my hypothesis on existence.

The days were untraceable,
Undeniably warm;
Even within your fragility-
Despite an oath to stand strong and invulnerable.

Old lovers dancing
New and equally imperfect ways;
A bond to initiate heart rates,
And love outside the impersonal.
In all the flaws
Between the sabotage and dizzying mazes
Of endless empty word
Chiseled as a dagger;
As thorn;
Nurse to the same wounds you inflict.

To know you again,
Brilliant, tender,
Tough as leather to weather;
With a form of beauty
In the eye of creation,
My counterpart and companion on the high road-
Perhaps another time.

Maybe the kisses dried up,
But I saw beauty in darkness;
Real, tenacious bone shaking dexterity
From the toes to nose.

Let those lips get wet again,
Let it all get wet and sunny
And burnt to be breathing again.