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In Truth

Streaming truth tore through my skin
As tears fell against it,
Walking away from,
A heart and arms
That would have never let go.

I was Shinned with truth
As top chefs rejected
My ambitious,
Under-performed hopes
After two stopover flights.

And in abandonment of passion,
Truth spread its love
On the longest,
Whitest beaches
Where whales danced in uniform.

Through cajole,
Irrefutable space,
Endless vacation
And a thousand swarming fish
Truth bore a vision.

Hidden in the deepest of canyons,
Where rocks sparkled like diamonds;
Truth swam the gorge
Despite tales of an ancient croc
While the sun descended to shadow.

Pieces of truth fell as snow
Under Sagamartha's stone face,
And fell as clear, glistening snowflakes
In evening air, shivering in July
Taken by a desert mountain lake.

And truth comes quick
Lost on a mountain's neck
Hanging on a menial jug;
Or on a moped with no brakes
And only flip flops to stop you.

Truth washed over sweat and rain,
As the moped was curbed
By a field full of
Fresh grass and elephants
Mingling together from a poacher’s gun.

With my oldest of mates,
Truth comforted our canoe
On a little inlet dune
Under a Karst shrine
And luke warm sea
Of our own space.

Truth comes in the opium haze;
In a trail of kitty tranqs
In bong lassies,
In psylocybin shakes
And bottled as cha-cha or coconut moonshine.

There was truth in the hands
Of a hard working mother,
As she blew flame alive in her tiny hut,
Boiling water for her uncommon guest's tea;
Where she offered heart and home for nothing in return.

Truth is at the bottom of a mine site,
And around the bamboo cots,
Where families slept, and
Burmese workers sifted gold
And dump trucks shipped it all back to China.

There was truth in the desert,
As I risked it all for a lone voyage;
And but for two Bedouins,
Their tea and their goat’s milk;
For their hearts and their bread.

Truth came into light within Karnak
And below a Sphinx,
Crumbling, holding on for dear life;
Surrounded by litter and sucked dry
Where the Nile felucca floats for tourists no longer there.

Fragments of truth dribbled onto my shoes
From the kneeling worshippers
Where Jesus was born
And at the wall Israel’s
government so kindly built-

There is still truth lingering
At checkpoint Charlie where
Cruel, division broke apart millions
And bore no lesson
To the fateful Israeli's eye

Nor did the past sway
The Third Reich
As they learned of Genocide
By Ottoman hands;
And proving the blackness of hate

And this truth documented
In Yerevan,
And for all the lost generations
Stolen from earth
By ego, pride and power

What will it do?
For it proves no better
For Ugandans
Or Rawandans
Or Syrian under siege.

Or in the oldest of Asian monuments,
Where men left bullet casings,
Piercing their beloved monasteries,
But saved on shells, using boot heels
To crush a babies head, instead.

And truth edges the Black Sea
From the fateful Sochi Olympics,
Where tribal land was ripped by slaughter
And on the anniversary of this pain,
Modern man pulled a bob sled.

At Aschwitz
Dusty, leather shoes
Reading glasses
And a mountain of handbags
Stock piled like waste.

Tiny graffiti'd sketches,
Animations of childhood;
Speak truth,
Confusion, fear and
The family circle .

And horrid cells,
Air tight smoke dens,
Next to thousands of
Old, tarnished bunks
Wreak the morbid truth of indifference.

In the architecture of Gaudi,
And his ego, swelled
Mistaken as art,
Derived by a boy
Clamouring for an audience.

Truth walks little Parisian streets
And eats lovely fresh baguettes,
And drinks at Oktoberfest
Surrounded by dancing Germans;

Humble truths subtle in a bush
To sleep the night away;
Truth lives beside a river bed
Or on a beach, or
Under a castle bridge.

And Truth has no doubt
Come with the thumb out
Endless miles,
With all the kindest of people
Who stopped, and smiled

And reminded me of life.