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Portrait of a Lady


Your blood boiled when you first saw it,
A blend of colors coming together,
It was a style war;
This reflected you.
Harmony crawled in,
Fragments of fear scattered,
Peace was easing its way through
As firsts were heard of this voice.

Time passed by,
Levity set its ways
The ground rumbled
And spoke :
That lightness is not factitious,
And it is not indifferent!

Fighting its way to your heart,
Power and energy combine,
A world confused;
Distractions widen
In the comfort of it’s being,
Caught in the thought -
It shall be love unconditional.

Elapsed attention,
Eyes that began to wander,
Saw little
But regret,
As your heart fluttered seldom -
But when it was just the two of you.

Broken from disinterest,
Tired of the aloof
Color fades; canvas hollows
Blips of aura bleed.
Hope is shining its life
Still, caught in the pain
Lost from the sun,
Trust becomes undone.

Abolishing your presence
As you insulted its form,
Unfolded lust
Damaged trust,
And devoted love
Work their way loose.

Squandered emotions,
Unfortified love,
Found in the gallows,
Guilty of treason.
Taken advantage,
Forgotten so quickly;
That adoration trickled
Leaving the wall empty.

Relapsed to an awakening,
Loss brings desertion,
Fresh as the first vibrations,
Your blood again boils.

Words come back to glow
Nervous, skin pimples;
Heart pounds from the visions,
Hands tremble uncontrollable.
A smile erupts from its thought,
Dizziness casts upon you,
And every time
It revives inside you
Reflections of the regret…

Anything to set back the clocks;
To worship it again,
Still, the regret enfolds
And vomit nears the wind.


The Wind,
That crashes our high,
Building panels,
With sounds too loud
To sleep.
The Sound of patriots
Proud, waving flags
And wearing shirts,
Of the same color.
The roar of thousands of
Waving cloths,
In a long,
And sprawling gust.

I've got one eye shut,
The other
Half cocked, staring
Stoned on our
Shadowed midnight ceiling.

Beside me,
A naked goddess,
Heart beating
Nose breathing
Her arms wrapped along my chest.
She wants passion;
She wants collaborating energy,
But I'm too stuck,
On the wind
-and vomit.

Ahead of us,
On our double bed,
With single blankets,
One on the other,
Two individuals,
Unable to fully connect.

Ahead of us
A large set of windows
With two high doors,
Clear glass between
Many, white
Channeling wood columns.
The high, middle glass frames
Are painted black
From the windows
Across the road;
They are two large eyes
Above two long,
Wide teeth
In the darkness,
Staring down
At me and my unresolved guilt?
Or at the dull,
Motionless street,
Blackened but,
For a few spotted
Orb like lanterns
Once supplied by fuel.

Lanterns once lit,
Not on an electric streamline,
But by the hand,
Of the hardest working grunt
Who shined our way
In the dreary
Late night hours,
Half cut on the sauce
Teetering to a
One eyed,
Pirate moon
In an attempt
To make it home;
And but for the help
Of this man”s
Candle Groves
Many would have
Caught the wind.

Wind that slammed on
the drunkard's
Window panes
Which kept his naked
Lady warm,
Who waited for he,
Though too foolish
He had been.

And here I lie,
As the atomic winds
Play songs
To my unslept soul;
Tired of an endless trail,
Of side streets too dark
And clustered, and
Drama pouring down
So heavy
Shoulder blades rip;
And this beautiful,
Naked lady lay
Breathing the bells of hope,
Of lust and love and truth,
As I get stuck into the wind
That breaks my mind's fringes
Like fricassee hairs
Dying to gray,
Bound to the past,
Unable to hear anything
But the steam whistling