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Capped in the Shin

Capped in the shin,
Cupped to the chin,
World's spreading a message -
Walk like a man.

Crowded up with the guests of
Life’s lowest castes;
Knee pits sweaty,
Thirty hours yet;

Still loose off the hinges
Of a few valiums,
Tunes guess,
The sun will spread it's rays -

Same time,
My legs thank heaven
I can do this again,
In another corner
Of the next continent.

Ask me again,
What I think of the people;
What I think of the country;
Fill the heads of a few so full
They get on a podium
Of delusion.

Diluted towns of
Toutes and disgruntles,
Sure, the home is held
On another hilt,
But a funny arrogance
Storms the soul
Of a warm heart spoilt.

The bench can be built
To halves but,
The man thinks
He owns a jet
In his point of nothingness;

'Move aside,'
He says,
Real man has walked in -

Spit on my shoe,
Burp in my ear,
But have a foot waved in his face -
That split second
Got the gaudy getting rough.

Times unravel and
The back's thrown on a wall;
The impatient can get where they go
While the meek
Let a bold coward plow,
Unwilling to snarl back and react.

Pressure cooker bends
The ions of a protein
Too tight to rip on;
Give it a few hours
On the common beat
Of this guy who thinks he's
'Mr. Earth Figure'.

The fucker strikes once,
Perhaps twice -
But truth is;
Nothing can fix a faucet
Already at its bust.