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Hard boiled egg crack from a swell, bleeding the cooked white of its surface out;
Coiled and clogged await the hand of itís creator to free a downy yolk.

In between the seams a sliver of fabric sticks to sealing;
As tension rise hot bloods get ready for froth,

Hands of balance and equity dispersed to the void with wind and validity;
Man, caught amongst a stronghold of blips struggling a breath throw his knife,

A heart horned by excursion crawl moments amongst the common frustrations;
Stained to the floor tired by the hip, a wranglerís perfume exhaust.

Liar to oneís nature prompting the eruption of a state in maimed pride;
Sworn to the oath of a road weakened by seasonal delegates,

Run hard to the hidden tree lines, forget the fog and discharge another soul;
Calm the waters that bridge this coast line before tidal disarray,

In this land of intervention, karma and well throbbing energy;
Negative grows with every swallow until the nails impale a tail.

Crossed, crass, a solider of deviance ready to storm a stage, let go;
Listen close to its thunder and know that control is in reach.

Back in the salts wet back no longer, trained for agility, new, in frame;
Pump gauge cocked stare at the same name for half a lifetime,

Cures come in the receipt of inception unscathed as the wine unwind;
Celebrate this emptiness with a freedom song straight to air,

Drenched by the bath of camaraderie, handles out, but lost;
Rope-able in the blindness of beacons that weaken and smother,

Dilute this fuel with the heirs of vanity or greed;
The same would drown in time entangled to anotherís compassion.