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Her Heart in Mine

Conscious flow the realms of a past are swine to the fluid, a lizard walks sub human as the parade of elegance comes alive a bird triumphs free.
Determined mind on the bend to relief; struggles come full swing clasped to drapes holding blind men naive and fermented yolks to secrete.

Forewarned by the terrors within learning the culprit inside, the deviant brew, drinking its ether to a new haven of tainted fruit; hope for a journey come with golden stairs and tropical faith.
Standing tall brisk on the breeze dreadful of the conformity to middle decay, a love that swarms like bees on the suckle I turn slow for the rubble.

Itís a battle of a force that cannot be contained; itís a swinging pendulum of tell tales and drawn out scripts, harpsichord rhythms flap like a cows lip; broken bottle fragments stick to the sole and loss their effect.

Skin of a soldier tainted from the field smell a rose of its earth and knows the sacrifice to each meal; caned to the steel tube of a glass pipe hide pain through barbiturate but seek no claim.
Without healing nurture become the irrelevant acquaintance, dreary dooms from a once manipulated scorn open fresh like oysters straight off the khask.

Sealed like an envelope, the secrets of security from baring fresh out the bloom of a lotus halted from pollenís seed; Worlds turn individual despite the infractions, still communal virtue mix a salad so should as bodies coagulated their space deteriorate for compulsion and desire.

A crossroad with the opinions on ricochet trail gunfire in the forest; experience a dent then die for addiction, feel the heart of any old soul out to meet the real you. No glamor, all worth, not a scratch to integrity when the wires touch in spite of difference; connections inflame and lost prophets smile for the first time.

Our minds elite yours and mine and each righteous act met with a promise the same as those infractions that paved some history and disfigure between us.