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Stranger. Killer. Muse

To lie, or better yet and more accurate still,
Words unsaid;
Burning like candles in the pit,
Hidden in a cave,
Brooding the unknown.
There is this old image,
A scrupulous character
Someone I barely remember -
Should I try-
For a stranger he must have been.

It is a hazy sketch
With little to be seen;
The sands of yesterday or yesteryear.
A woman breached bars
From the soil of destitute long ago,
And left
From a room full of guilt;
The scars of unspoken derailments.

Anew walks the streets
To a novel beat
But yet again,
An unfamiliar colonial to autonomy;
We choose to spit chewed thoughts vague
For a surface beseech the means
And hides the horns, while
Acrid fish -
Force a fresh wash of all the old linens.

Though the voice may not be heard -
A relic-
In this
A modern age,
So well pasturized,
By illusionists and their vehemence;
Ajar from the frigate,
Self-loathing clam to reunite
With a moderate life and
Bring hope to a place
That has lost all value.

Eyes closed,
A song plays backdrop
To a celestial dimension;
Side to side swimming in mid air,
Draped in translucent scarves lucid,
Each one caught, in it's fold;
Hiding pieces of her soul
Waiting for release.

The unrehearsed fall soft from melody;
An unreasonable, well intent dissonance;
Fornicators of life, spirit and its fruit to bloom

Unkempt in truth and
Full of doubt,
Bathed in fashionable miseries
Not an inch of berth
Would change a beat in my pulse,
So why ride with eyes wide.

Sparkle along,
Like a sun to the river below;
A being that releases quakes uncontrollable -
So few tremble in this harmony or
Bring these shudders from out of me;
How does this mystic presence
Do well such poise without imminence.

Insolated with goose down
Kept from any of the cold winds,
A warm breeze moves in;
Every word written shatters my skull.
From touch and scent and sound
Erupt the intrusions of lust,
Not a one has fallen to my impulse,
Yet I smolder curious.

Unable to wretch
The silk skin of a slim build
Addict -and transient-
Swallowed her strength, in purity
And passed it forth in small doses
Her medicine to me.

No I beg not for a remedy,
Only haggle with the world
Extensive, deep contact.
Long strides
They strive past adoration
And its pity
And into the eternal soul.

Like tidal waves
out of an ocean
Which seems so sporadic,
With little warning ahead,
A bed or floor board
Takes its rouse without whimper.

Passionate beings claw
And in faith
Many find nothing;
Dig closer
To the flesh open wounds
-to mend them.

Tasted in the devil's tears,
It's cursive different than adolescence,
Waves of haste
Imply a seismic crash;
Our counterparts and collaborating conscious.

Let vanish any cage -
bend through irreverent conformities-
Place one hand on a hip -
and call upon my lips-
And implore the movements
Of a man with every woman’s touch

Feel the salivating pulse;
A tongue stern for volcanic results.
In every breath lose a pound of sweat,
Swing every hair in unison,
As the crow flies
To a naked backbone ready for reaction.

Visions of a lawn bowler
Breed fear for captivity
Near or far;
Not run, nor could I even,
For in or out
Hidden or open to the naked eye
The mirror image is there
And truth
It slaps all over the mind until it is told.