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Body Work

Each man cures a course from a ripe young age, sundried, induced with the salts from earth's surface and even soaked he has in the bitters, the acidity of humans coating flesh; a sour taste. For the many treatments rendered to man from day one of each life, a choice can be rendered to elevate tension or eradicate the tribesman within.
Where has that glow all around you come from before it to meet this current siege, what roads, which seas, scars do not carry on but the teachings live in memory deep?
Hard to come forth, where else born instinct but here in which I speak.
So even in the everyday there is a path you could take for a back country approach, to roam free with the wild critters, our keeper's of strength and message, those that sacrifice themselves to nourish man's stomach. Inside those walls you perceive, now living, a man could never be trapped cutting a course along the longest highway mind can concoct?

Whether its a ride through appellations, gritty wheels spinning red dirt in the outback soaking the cloth, infesting an aura of unpleasant with peace on the country roads or back country travels woman invade the independent throne and show each of us sensation’s labor force; A wild boar hunt, free climbs up sulphuric cliffs or a victory stride to grassy goals could not invoke. She gives each man the element he lack for a humble world, and still the pure strength to battle in a graceful posture. She disassembles a man so sure to be hardened crust, her liquid invade a wrap around each organ warming them with a love that no other conquer could give. We chase summits, run thousands of yards, sing, dance, destroy for eternity yet the bravest, most significant, most installing utterly changing moments are those when a caves doors open and the distinguished, designed to hip and cheek, with a posture unlike our own smelling of a time when harmony raced it's way across the globe for a day come in with soft steps, injecting blood with a rush of morphine, a sense of urgency, a claim for completion.

Along these grains white against sun just out the reach of water’s damp face the toxicity of her empowering structure tickle mind and conscious. Even affront these sunsets aloof a past weather recent or distant that bled tears from stone in pain and insecurity, still maintain a grip that will to divulge, anxious to again meet grace with the open air. Wine from a barrel which sat years waiting its pivotal release, the river rest like this until weather permits change and eradicate its stream.

Covered in the gashes left from chase, from the deepest positions on earth. Torn by scars reminding a youth without despair, though foolish and wrong for woman carry joy young or old willing also to donate ache the same. Reminded from fragrance, body odor naked and vulnerable when mind penetrated body, adapted a moral balance, learned strength and weakness and through this growth equated orgasms to shake pillar and temple.

Awaiting the next parade into a venture globally, aspired I sit patient but yet cluttered with the memories new and old. The greenest grasses and the most tranquil nights, times change and spirit thrive with growth, hope for an elaborate future full of conquest across land yearn for the hand of Jade lover sparkling the atmosphere as what his eyes may only see. Anxious to continue on learning culture, diversity but also the fingers touch of love from woman and her sacrifice. To understand is too much to ask, still being there for her cries, her screams and each time she laugh, no beach, no mountain, no mid summers night can give soul impact like this, still an earth walker I shall be.