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Into the Wild


Heel on the stall wall,
A mix of grinding metal and
Rufflage of pots and pans,
Soprano pitch chimes within my ear lobe.
Hand on her thigh sliding,
Sweat down my cheek;
Heart beating fast,
Legs quivering nervous,

‘I never do this you know,’ she says,
‘Me neither isn’t it great!’

She seemed uncertain;
Glancing down with her lips flat,
Waiting perhaps, for purpose;
Waiting for a reason,
Her lips flaked lightly of dry red,
Through her tongue like a dagger
Color of a purple heart.

My hand flat and vertical
Curling the width beneath her hip,
Jet balck hair,
Desert-burnt skin,
I thought she part Arabic
Despite her tiny frame.
Fully exposed
Atop my sight
Dominating; I adorn her darkness,
Her vulgar prowess.

This romance of fingers
Which scratch to her scalp,
A grip is begotten
As her head is forced back;
Her feet on the toilet,
Hands on the lid.
Now it is porcelain that rings aloud,
A grinding of small stones
Like chalk on her fingertips.

‘My English not so great,’ she says,
‘All good me too,’
Neither one of us English,
I’m Canadian; she is Polish.

Outside, the walls are like fuzzy dice
Pink like window curtains
To let sun in,
To express freedom of choice;
It’s hot like a sauna between us,
Sweat beads covering our bodies;
A moments time,
A stop in space,
This is an era that should last forever.


What started as deep gnawing
Of liquid’s escape ;
Of hiding in the trench-
Must escalate and rise up,
It must awaken
These beasts inside of us ;
Torn down to raw flesh,
To blood and moans
As loud as ancient battle cries ;
And perhaps it was a hairline fracture
Around the pelvic bone .

Hair so long in straight strands,
Color of squid ink,
It waves irradically in my face,
Tickling my nose,
Distracting my sordid motions,
Putting fear to alert
That perhaps her skull
Flop straight off her neck
And then roll into the furry corridor ;
Perhaps we let chance
Play the field
And pant until winded,
Until blind, lacking oxygen.

She has her hand round mine
Forced against her breast,
Like she wants death ;
For me to pull her heart
From out of her chest.
With her free hand loose
It keeps her mood unsatisfied
Until it is suffocating earth,
Wind, fire, and a son of man;
With thumb and forefinger
She has life by the candle,
Squeezing wax from out my throat.

Outside, if there were fire
It would be removed from this realm,
Rain would come down
And exterminate risk
This shapeless sin goes on
Through to the tenth dimension ;
If typhoon were to erupt
A sun would penetrate the ceiling,
Vaccum sealed we seem to be,
Drumming for the lynx
Echoing out across arrid land
For penance from a snake,
It’s venom to shape balance
Before empeaching fatal blackness.


‘Are you ok ? Freddi ! Freddi !’
Her voice is in a tunnel,
The sound reverberating ;
Giving life to my lifeless legs
Suddenly convulsive in behavior;
They shake like wallpaper patterns
When Lucy’s in the sky,
Her frame gets further away
Until another eruption,
‘Freddi! WAKE UP!’
My heart kicks in,
Body rises up,
The room, it lightly jiggles.

From the unknown
A stranger takes shape,
Dark Arabic princess
In this still frame come to life ;
Her look is sheer fright
Which stands to hand me some truth,
My body twists, Head is throbbing,
Blood slightly covering the floor,
Her body is clothed and
My memory awakens;
Tears under her eyes.

A man behind her,
Large in a shadow
A glowing light behind,
‘Well, at least you’re alright’.