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Little Red Riding Hood


Good fortune, rushing through the laneways,
A murder of crows overhead;
Irritable as caged animals
We had to push forth
Or be late for this jam-
A band I may never forget.
They must have been a dozen, standing
And my date the only sucker
But out the corner of my eye
Sharp with the instincts
Of ‘Catcher in the Rye’
Sending out brain waves
In form of bone chills
More than the horns; more than the flutes;
More than the thrill of an orchestra set
Stunned while being swept away
And caught cold by my date
For checking this lady in red.

In every seat sits a story
And surely this was no different
Lovely red lace around hips
Under a belt buckle of rouge,
Long black boots
Halfway up a pair of little legs;
Overcoat the colour of a rose,
Lips the colour of our cold noses.
Obsession is a dangerous thing
Like forking violins that play
Steps through the shower door;
At first, I thought her someone
Maybe my cousin Vinny,
Or another hipster;
In any event
Behind the brown hair shimmering
And red riding hood dress
She did not seem so bored like the rest;
Would have been a fool
Walking off from my lady,
So I did exactly that.

It was reggae big band,
A crew from San Fran
Reformed and revived;
A baker’s dozen,
I was digging it full,
But lady in red, fuller;
Light eye shadow
We were humbly acquainted-
Charming she seemed;
For that we don’t know
The fear of unknowns;
Of accidents that take lives,
We still drive to work.
Merged through the margins
And ask for a cigarette,
Wait for a light
And listen for that accent.
In Berlin there are many
With storms of indecency,
She seemed to be taken; but not here
I may have seemed tame; but not even near.

Lady picture show,
Accent of romance
With a scent of irrational thought
Our drinks rocked to the music
Wheat beer in mine
And hers I did not guess
‘Music is great, yes’ I ensure her
-But what of this predicament.
New to the city; a foot in the door
Risk it all; desperate to be sore
A little delusional
Or a little bit drunk
But give me your hand;
‘How bout we ditch this place?’
‘And go where?’
She looked unconvinced.
Heart on my sleeve,
Her pen in my neck,
Both of us accented,
‘Anywhere to make our own dance.’
Her height got my second,
And with her ass
My jaw hit the floor,
Poor fool for a little lady
Curved and adorable,
Tentative to be a goddess
Legitimate as I saw her,
Posture of intrigue,
This is real; and in colour.


I want to paint your legs
Script them perfect,
Print them in italics
To be highlighted;
To be elevated in speech,
But first,
I must feel them.

I want to paint your neck line
And draw my thoughts on your back
To arch like my nerves
And bend like my impulse
But first
I must scroll it down.

Two chairs across and
Little more than arms reach
A drummer swings in
Causing tremors underground-
While my mind is running;
At first I saw a sketch
And then the flesh of seduction
Then cute came and curtained
So rip it down, dear…

I’m thinking
Small talk filled bullshit
And watered down drinks or
Make me your slave
And tie me up to those
Red cotton bed sheets.

Is it wishful thinking or
A startling inception,
I see wings unleashed
With Gabriel unveiled and
The two of us hitting beat street
To pitch the fuck out