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So... My name is Steve Hunter and I'm a Canadian born nomadic-wannabe writer wandering about the earth from continent to countryside for the better part of my young life -all along the way attempting to chisel myself into a place of humbleness and warmth. I am quoting this wrong and have no idea who it was but,

"Those who live inside spend their time looking out; and those who live outside spend their time looking in."
I like that.

I also like the concept that the future is irrelevant and so is the past so,

"Let's live the way we see fit right now and let all the other pieces fall into place the way they need to - and when they need to."

It has been a long development of writing with no real education to back me up but the books I read and the experiences which feed my veins. Maybe it's not enough and there will be plenty of criticisms, or one can hope at least; in critique and reaction emotion has been drawn out and the words have done their work -what more can an artist hope for. These words are the spiraling sensations and stories in the pursuit of devaluing ego, of forming a more natural course away from the need to be either pessimistic or an optimist. Above that, to a place where platforms are broken away and a pyramid scheme is nothing but that of the past.

While sweating my ass off in kitchens from city to city I slowly forged my passion, that passion everyone has, within, that we spend years trying to express in many different forms. I forged and continue to develop it while re-iterating what I can outside, in order to free space where space is needed. We all have our desires and dreams and I have a few as well. Like heading to Australia to become a fine dining expert -which sizzled to naught- or chasing my soul up into the Himalayas around Nepal and India. The course of time has brought about many fantastic surprises -some of them very hard to accept while others as easy as putting my socks on one at a time.

Where the journey is headed next, is not quite sure, but I will stick it to the road as long as I can or until I find my place to rest a long while. This site you have decided to visit is an attempt to help us artists who are getting a foot in to do just that. Here you can try some of my writing and hopefully buy some as well. There are some other sites worth visiting to experience their talents and I hope you take the time to do so. From photographers to musicians, painters and us written prostitutes even; every morsel of earth's element I hope I can help expose the best way I can ... Get involved and let me know what you are about. Let us promote you here as well. Let us continue to share our elements of truth through this medium that can be truly disruptive, but in some cases a divine gift to the underground, for example.

This day and age is moving so fast and people are being conditioned to deny books and forget literature. The 20th century is behind us and the words of many of the 'last' great novelists are fading... Now, it is time to make some new words! With new ways to reach cats... There was only one Hemingway, one Yates and one Celine. Cats like this, like Ezra Pound inspired us and continue to.. let us inspire each other. Embrace. Enjoy. Cheers.