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This is the raw and fantastic product of unique creativity from one woman’s perspective. I met Lise Stolfer along ‘The Way’ and got to know her a little at Mar Da Fora as we all sang and drank merrily around a campfire for weeks and weeks. I know you will enjoy her art. From writing to illustration and whatever else in between, take a minute and check it out.Another one of my close family, his native city would be Calgary, but he has found his home in Vancouver like so many others. We kicked it in Banff a decade ago embracing our love for beats and rhyme and habitual intoxicants. He has managed to chisel a crew of Dj’s out with a following and you can catch him spinning on podcasts or around Vancity. Check out his sound. A band based out of Bratislava, worth the listen and from the few times I have seen them live here I have been anxious for the next show… So whether you are in Bratislava or not, give them a listen and show your support.Helen and I met in a Bratislava Hostel and infused a great weekend bender. She is a young talented hair dresser, stylist with a regular blog and worth a read. She is based in Ireland and if you like creativity/style/unique talent you will enjoy taking a minute to move through her site.The woman behind this site, Abi Newman, is an old and dear friend from my first months in Australia. She and I had some common interest with writing and word… Her progress is infinite and her character is casual… Her words are empowering and I hope to have them nearby on some unique journey along the ‘Way’ at some point in time. Take the time and benefit the rewards.Lara was one of the pilgrims I met shortly before leaving Mar Da Fora beach after my ‘Way’ was set to head forward and away from its magical community space. She was one of few writers I got to connect with along that trail and within my years about. She inspired me. Hope she inspires you.This couple I was lucky enough to meet on the Beach of Mar Da Fora at the end of the Camino. They forged their bond together along the Camino and had been giving back helping run a guesthouse in Finisterre. This albergue is their newest project and what will follow is, next year, their own independent albergue to continue a love along ‘The Way’.Saving the world, one good day at a time. - The Good Deeds MovementKARALITS redefines the past, the old, the bored and the junk. We square the circle and the other way around. We create customised furniture, accessories, jewellery and interior design. To sum up- anything that our or your imagination can bear.The music evolved on the streets of Berlin, using minimal instruments to create deep and soulful melodies. The union of the acoustic guitar with the natural sounds of a human mouth trumpet and beatboxing give Riders Connection a uniquely rich sound.One of my family, a brother to the end, this man and I been kickin it about fifteen years and I am more than happy I have the chance to share this music with you… Take a minute and sink into his independent hip hop cultivated by hard work and determination.Attempting to give back to the world we so often take advantage of Ale has apprehended talent and through his incantations/photography has caught a unique look at a number of developing regions, in the heart of struggle… Have a look at his work and be prepared to fall in love.UK Contemporary Art Practitioner specialising in performance and sculpture. Using the vehicle of masculinity as a dialogue, he explores the relationship between artist, artwork and audience.Alex Wilson, the film director of this project, I met in the Philippines around a table of travellers out for their soul. He is giving his best to donate some of that soul and life he has to offer back to the countryside of struggle. Check out the documentaries from Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.This artist, Sabrina, is based in Berlin and we met one night at a concert by chance and immediately I was pulled in by her charm. She had a playful sense of humour and took life as it came –or so it seemed. Her humour, her position in life and raw talent are all clear on the canvas of a young Roman born painter.Jamie and I met on the streets of Barcelona by fluke. As we both crashed on couches -he hitching to Morocco and myself hitching north from Morocco- managed to meet through our separate hosts. A small group of us sat on the steps of an old church and played music, sang songs and drank merrily into the late night. His talent is definitely worth the time and is deserving of it as well.I’ve known Mark for years, since we worked together on Water St. in Vancouver around 2000. His talent is worth the time. He is a visual artist/painter using acrylic and spray paint on canvas and you can find him getting inspiration from the unique people and landscapes in the backdrop of Vancouver even today.The bassist from this dub-style four man rock band, one of my oldest friends, we used to make a little of our own sound in his mom’s basement… Fifteen + years later he’s definitely moulded himself into a fine musician. I hope you take the time to enjoy his band and spread the love. A new app, taking swear words from English and translating them into different languages. My voice is featured for the English version.Christoph Rehage, one of the brave ones, that took pilgrim to his feet and tested himself. Walking over 4000 km across China has taken it back a few hundred years to horse carts and cows... Before we had motorized vehicles we had our feet. Remember that time? As I push my own boundaries across Southern Europe walking 2100 km at the end... I have used his strength as a demonstration... So! Get out there and do some walkin!JP, South African based, manager of Riders Connection (found here as well) has taken the time to make his own sounds. To be expected... Mellow acoustic vibes, connecting similar rhythms to the group he creates and explores with... The sound of big swell, big camp fire smells and late night, wine sipping group jam sessions... Check it out. Keep them close. Smile large and if your in Berlin find them! (Usually in Mauer Park)Olga, originally from Ukraine, has transformed herself into a worldly soul stomping grounds east to west. I've enjoyed her writing and envied her situation -getting paid to write/travel. Her blog is packed with good gear. Get involved. I stand behind it one hundred! Hit the link! Dave, I met in Roma, at the Vatican.. Lookin like a pilgrim. He had the plan to walk from Rome to Istanbul. I thought, wow! What an Idea! less than one year later I decided to do the same... the rest is now history. Hope you enjoy his site of travelling spirit, food culture and pilgrim energy.